Use tested solutions instead of starting from scratch

You are in the forefront of bot enthusiasts, but there’s always someone faster than you. That’s awesome, because they’ve already invented the wheel for you. If you follow their lead and get a bot right now you’ll be an early adopter while also using these tested strategies.

Here are some best practices that are already working for other businesses.

  • Restaurants, bars, pubs: Get a bot now and guaranteed you’re the first in your area! People decide where to eat out through internet these days, and if you’re there with a great offer for new customers, second-time customers and all other returning customers, you’ll have your business filled with people in no time.


  • Movie theaters: Imagine that people have browsed to a movie in your bot in the afternoon, it’s now evening, and the movie is about to start. You now send out an automated broadcast to this user reminding them their movie will start in 30 minutes. Guaranteed you’ll get lots of extra ticket sales from these last-minute deciders!


  • Sports clubs & charities: Sell merchandise, share schedules, give athlete profiles, sell tickets, broadcast scores & highlights, sweepstakes.


  • E-commerce & physical shops: Get your promotion CTR up from 3% on your e-mail list to 50% on your messenger broadcasts. Segment users based on their previous choices. Sell and Upsell, do sweepstakes, get 20-30% of customers to buy after initially abandoning their cart using checkout reminders. Smart FAQ answers.


  • Food trucks: Broadcast your daily location and special offers to boost traffic to your truck.


  • On-location services: If you’re a service provider such as a plumber, delivery service or gardener you can target customers based on their location and tell them you’re available. Now you can fill up those free hours in between two other clients. You may also want to broadcast seasonal offers and services, and keep people informed on your schedule.


  • Salons, doctors, dentists and other services: Scheduling, appointment reminders, targeted offers, tip of the week.


  • Financial institutions: Instant price and news updates, real-time trading advice, live chat.


  • Human Resources, recruiters: Internal messaging, qualifying job applicants, update personal information through a self-service bot, training updates.



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