Send only very relevant offers to your audience


With messenger marketing through bots you are not throwing irrelevant spam at people. On Messenger you’re able to target your audience based on their user tags (‘attributes’). Facebook gives you some of that info once they decide to send their first message to your bot, and the bot can steer the conversation in such a way that it collect additional information on the user along the way.


An example:
You’re running a lipstick business and someone starts a conversation with our bot. Facebook tells us that this particular user’s name is Tracy, she lives in the U.S. and she’s a woman.

Now the bot asks Tracy if she wants to redeem a voucher for 20% off her first purchase IF she enters her e-mail address. She agrees, and gets redirected to the lipstick menu. Here, she selects the Elegant line of lipsticks. She might then go on to buy one of the Elegant line lipsticks.

When Tracy clicked or tapped the Elegant line, the bot added a tag that she likes this line. Now we can target her and all others who have looked at the Elegant line with relevant Elegant line promotions only. Where? On messenger, of course (28% CTR)! When? At any time that you consider fit.


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