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Personalized product recommendations, sweepstakes, quality AI answers, 24/7 availability, reminders and news feeds… These are just a few things bots can do.

Sure, we’ve seen these tools before and most of us are already using those in their social marketing. However, with Messenger bots there are some major game changers:


1. It’s immediate. Sent messages as well as received messages are instant. If there is a lag in the bot’s response, it’s a lag of a few seconds at worst. Have you ever answered any questions of your customers within seconds? Even if you’re right there waiting for their question and you’re a fast typer, the bot is going to reply faster. Imagine your competitor still trying to keep up on his keyboard! That’s hilarious. And by the way, 57% of customers quit shopping in-between if their search isn’t immediately successful.

2. People trust Messenger, they trust Facebook (at least to the extent that their messaging account is safe and reliable) and it’s where they talk with their friends and family. It’s a familiar and friendly space and that’s great for sales. No need to change apps, too – after congratulating your mother on her birthday, you can now order her flowers from within the same app right away.

3. On a personal medium you’d expect a personal approach. Well, Messenger bots can do that better than any other medium. They have a lot of personal details on their users, courtesy of mother Facebook, and through smart tags they’re learning customers’ preferences while they navigate the bot’s flow. It allows your bot (=your business) to be extremely relevant to its users. The three of you couldn’t be happier with each other.



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