Integrate and automate your workflows


Messenger bots are great for lead generation. Instead of having to qualify your leads by e-mail, phone or video call, bots can take over much of the work. If you offer relevant content toyour customer, he or she will grow to appreciate your business. When they’re ready, ask for their contact information.


This contact information can now be automatically shared to your CMS or Google Sheet. That means, while you were getting a much-needed night’s sleep, your bot has

  • Found a possible lead
  • Qualified the lead
  • Warmed up the lead
  • Collected their up-to-date contact information
  • Put this data in your CRM


And, it’s possible to add even more automation:You can automatically add the user to your e-mail automation. Sending longer, more detailed information is still done best by e-mail. These processes can be automated, too, based on the information and tags that the bot has gathered. Once the bot has shared this info with your e-mail campaign manager, that platform will take over.


If you add links/buttons in your e-mails that redirect to specific offers in the bot, you will have a completely synced interaction between the user, bot and e-mail campaign. Each platform has its strengths and you may now use those strengths to optimize your sales funnel.


But maybe you’re not in a business that relies on B2B leads. You may be in HR, or you are a hotel owner, or a marketing manager at a museum. For all of these businesses there are workflows that are now taking lots of time that can be automated. Schedule meetings or events, take bookings, add tweets or other social media posts with a specific tag to a Google Sheet, record attendance, and many more!



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