Hire a salesperson, customer service representative and marketeer who works for free and is available 24/7


A bot never sleeps. It’s always there to immediately answer any of your customer’s questions. Did you ever walk out of a store because the sales attendant didn’t have time for you or seemed uninterested in helping you? This won’t happen to your business. A bot is always available and 100% reliable. Your customers will love it!

Customers already know how to take care of their own service issues, since most companies have web-based FAQ sections that guide customers to the right answers. However, browsing these websites can be tedious because customers need to plow through a lot of small print before finding the answer they’re looking for.


Intelligent bots can produce the correct answer to a question right away. The customer types in their question and BAM! : the answer pops up. No more tedious searching through FAQ sections. And what’s more, you can automatically follow up this search at any set moment to ask if the customer needs more help. This way you’ll never lose a customer over a service issue again.


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