Choose WAY higher returns on your current marketing budget


There isn’t a business owner who isn’t looking for smarter ways to do business, but the budget doesn’t always allow us to implement those smart tools or access those large-audience media. But that’s now history, because a bot is relatively cheap and will keep running forever. It exists and tirelessly works among its 4 billion potential clients. Anyone can have one!

Remember those times when you sent an e-mail and were disappointed by the 2-3% click through rates? So let’s say with lots of hard word you got 166 people to visit your site. 20% of those people then decided to join your e-mail list. Of those 33 people you e-mailed 3% clicked on a link. So out of 166 unique visitors you got 1 single click. And at that point that person hadn’t even bought yet!

The reality is: most people don’t open e-mails or click on links. That’s why these ‘promotional’ e-mails are now filtered by mail platforms such as Gmail:


Let’s see how the grim reality of e-mail marketing compared to the bright future of Messenger marketing. It’s jaw-dropping:

Do you believe it?! A Click-Through Rate of 28%??

I can confirm this from my experience. In fact, 28% is a relatively low number for CTR on messenger. I have seen numbers up to 70% CTR for very relevant, targeted offers. And that’s what you’re doing with messenger bots.


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