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Messenger chatbots are the next big thing in today’s marketing. Major media have been reporting on this new marketing aid since their introduction in late 2016. Everyone agrees – chatbots are here to stay. But that isn’t all. Their use is growing extremely fast, too.

These figures will give you an idea of where bots are at now.


Messaging apps have now overtaken the Big 4 Social Networks on mobile devices. In other words, you now have a higher chance to reach your customers on a Messaging app than on a Social network.

This trend has been most visible in China, where WeChat has already got over 900 million users. The vast majority of those users (87-94%) makes frequent purchases through the messaging app. We are seeing similar high numbers in other marketplaces.


47% of consumers says they would buy from AI powered chatbots, and this number is rising; A predicted 85% of customer service interactions will be run by chatbots by 2020; Sales of smartphones and tablets has risen from 68 million in 2006 to 1.729 million in 2016; People spend nearly 10 times as much time on their messaging apps than on any other kind of app;

Facebook has 4 billion users and is by far the platform with the most users worldwide.

These numbers show us that Facebook Messenger is very well positioned if we want to reach large audiences in 2018. But should you get a messenger bot for your business now or wait until the platform has matured?


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