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There really isn’t any good reason to wait getting a chatbot for your business. The rise has begun and the savings of chatbots are huge.

Companies who have already discovered their potential are Nike, Spotify, The Wall Street Journal, Lyft, Pizza Hut and many more. Do you notice anything interesting in this list? These companies are active in completely different industries. Because of their dynamic nature, chatbots can be programmed to handle almost every computer-related task.


Some use cases we frequently see are:

  • Restaurants: Take reservations, takedelivery orders and have walk-in guests place their order through their phone instead of talking to a waiter;
  • E-commerce: Broadcast special offers to those who have previously expressed interest in those products, Customers can buy products without ever leaving the Messenger app, Cart abandonment reminders, Nurture and grow your customer base;
  • Human Resource departments and Recruiting Agencies: Take applications and qualify candidates by asking them relevant questions to the position;
  • Financial institutions and Day-traders:Real-time, automated news flashes and price updates;
  • Hotels:Take bookings, showcase for the hotel and its services, Sights in the area;
  • All businesses: Find and qualify warm leads, AI answers to FAQs, Create compelling offers fornew or existing customers only;
  • And much more… what are the main problems your business is currently facing? Chatbots can likely help you solve it – if even just by winning time on repetitive actions!


Remember that all these actions are automated and can be targeted based on the bot users’ information.

Can you imagine how much time and money you will save and how that’s going to set you apart from the competition? And how your customers will see you when your bot is on their messenger list alongside their close friends and family? And it gets better… You will even answer them faster than any of those people!


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