Analyze your data


Analyzing our bot data is important to get maximum results from our campaigns. We want to minimize our Cost-Per-Conversation (CPCn) and maximize our ROI.

Let’s take a quick detour here: Why measure CPCn instead of the Cost-Per-Click? Well, as we saw in earlier posts, Conversational Marketing is not only about sales. Conversational bots are excellent at building trust and engaging our audience without actually trying to sell anything. Even if your bot conversation doesn’t lead to a sale right away, it does warm your audience up to the idea of buying from you in the future. Trust is a powerful thing to gain from our prospects, and bots are the perfect tool for earning it.

Here’s how to analyze & optimize our conversations:
Split testing conversational flows tells us which conversations best engage and sell with our audience;

We can set markers to track how many people click a button or otherwise interact with the bot;

There are paid analytic tools that give insights in the number of users, where they came from and what they’re doing in the bot. These tools also compile data and create graphs and diagrams to make our life easier;

The Facebook Pixel can track user behavior on Facebook, and Google or other site analytics can track our traffic, clicks and Cost-per-Sale.



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