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Why choose Oracle Digital Assistant to build your Enterprise-level chatbots and voice bots

In 2020 and beyond, no organisation can ignore the enormous shift in the way that information is collected, stored and analysed. The AI war is full-on. Like all tech giants, Oracle years ago decided to join the fight for the AI chatbot and voice bot users. And that makes total sense. As a benchmark platform for …

The best chatbot platforms for commercial-grade bots as of September 2019

As we’re winding down from the spectacle that was Manychat’s Conversations 2019 let’s recap and have a look at what is currently going on in the chat- and voice bot market. I will outline the current reality and vision of the available bot building platforms, and en passant give you some insights on how we at BotBizzBuilders think the best bots are built in 2020. What are the best tools for building professional chat- and voice bots?

Analysis of the Facebook Messenger platform update of 15 January 2020

Facebook has just announced new changes to the Messenger platform that will come into affect on 15 January 2020. Let’s analyse how this may affect our bots and strategies. I’m expecting the popular chatbot platforms such as Manychat and Chatfuel to soon announce the option to set these up on their platform, thus making it easier to run this kind of message. The main difference will be that it’s paid where up until now it was free to send 1 message outside the 24 hour window.