Messaging apps have surpassed social networks

Messenger chatbots are the new best way to communicate with clients, customers and guests.

The big 4 Messaging apps now have a larger user base than the 4 biggest social networks.

This is where you want your company to be present. In trusted apps, right between the chats with friends and family.

This trend has been most visible in China, where WeChat already has over 900 million users. The vast majority of those users (87-94%) makes frequent purchases through the messaging app.

We are seeing similar high numbers in other marketplaces.

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Get more engagement and exposure

A predicted 85% of customer service interactions will be run by chatbots by 2020;

People spend nearly 10 times as much time on their messaging apps than on any other kind of app;

Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion active users.

The results of Chatbot Marketing are excellent

Can you believe it, a Click-Through Rate of 28%??

We can confirm this from our own experience. In fact, 28% is a relatively low CTR for a Messenger bot. BotBizzBuilders have seen numbers up to 70% CTR for relevant, targeted offers.

That’s just another automated day at work for a bot.

Chatbots are powerful automated tools

There really isn’t any good reason to wait getting a chatbot for your business. The rise has begun and the savings of chatbots are huge.

Companies who have already discovered their potential are Nike, Spotify, The Wall Street Journal, Lyft, Pizza Hut and many more.

Because of their dynamic nature, chatbots can be programmed to handle almost every computer-related task.

Our Strategy for High-Performance chatbots:


We listen carefully to you and your customers so your bot can intelligently fulfill all needs and questions.


A bot is like a person, and this person must fit your company profile perfectly. We create language, visuals and dialogues that engage and build trust.


We create reliable bots that use the latest techniques and marketing strategies. The louder the WOW, the better your sales.

Tasks a bot can do for you

Interact with clients 24/7

Give immediate, perfect Customer Service and answer FAQs. All fully automated.

You won’t need to be ‘on call’ anymore to answer emails or take calls.

Generate and verify leads

Both B2B and B2C companies are discovering that bots can engage their customers and clients by not giving up after one set of messages.

Bots can automatically send follow-up messages to create lasting, valuable relationships, and you’ll know who stayed with them to confirm that relationship.


Oh, and they sell well!

Facebook Messenger bots have beautifully crafted galleries. The products you show can be tailored to the wishes of that specific customer.

Add to that the upselling and abandoned cart sequences, and you’ve got a money-making machine.


An old marketing wisdom is that the message sticks once a person has seen your message at least 8 times.

The bot will include all the informative and educational messages necessary, and re-target with automated ease.

Automate everything

You’ll no longer need to enter your leads manually into your CRM or email automation platform. The bot flawlessly and immediately integrates with Google, Clickfunnels, Mailchimp, even Agenda-setting platforms.

Build trust

One of the most difficult things in a relationship to achieve, and with a Messenger bot you’re in the forefront of automating trust.

Facebook has built trust with its users for many years, and you can now profit. Your messages will be right there in Messenger where customers also communicate with their close friends and family.

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